Cocktail (featuring Alison Degrazzio)

Episode Summary

The film is Cocktail (1988.) In which a bartender dreams to open his own bar but in order to do so he must go to Jamaica and The Beach Boys wrote a song for it. The guest is Alison Degrazzio, a bartender here in Portland, Oregon. With 7 years in the game, she is the perfect guest to take in all of the amazingness of this film and shed light on some boozy concoctions. So put on your blousy but tucked in button front shirt, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a Cuba Libre and press play!

Episode Notes

This week's film: Cocktail

"A talented New York City bartender takes a job at a bar in Jamaica and falls in love."

This week's guest:
Alison is also a cohost of Solid Six Podcast. A movie discussion that looks at two films at a time which she helms with two gentlemen. You can find them on your preferred podcast platforms. As well as solisix.buzzsprout.com . You can find her on Instagram @solidsixpodcast or @catatewoman .